Ivanovici, Lincke, Zeller, Fucik, Komzék, Suppé, Rosas, Hellmesberger, Libitzky, Fetrás, Schrammel
Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice / John Georgiadis
       MARCO POLO 8.225366 75’ 51”

Marco Polo have lost little time following up Volume One in this mini-series with the promised sequel. Whilst many of the composers names will again strike a familiar chord, the music certainly will not since these are again claimed to be world premiere recordings.

An interesting case here is the Mexican composer Juventino Rosas who penned the world famous and celebrated 'Over the Waves' waltz but whose promising career was sadly cut short by his early death at the age of 26. However, the 'Ensueño Seductor' waltz included here is surely a worthy example of his burgeoning talents.

Two slight deviations from the premiere format perhaps is the inclusion of Julius Fucik's well known march 'The Children of the Regiment', much played and recorded the world over by military bands, but this is claimed to be its first appearance on disc in purely orchestral guise whilst Paul Lincke's 'Berliner Luft' overture includes the popular march, a traditional part of the Berlin New Year Concert.

Performances and recordings are exemplary and this is 76 minutes of pure unalloyed joy. For anyone with more than a passing interest in European Light Music of the latter-half of the 19th Century this is certainly a 'must have'.

One very minor niggle - it would have been helpful if the booklet notes could have contained English translations of all the titles of the music played.

Roger Hyslop

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