CD REVIEW – JOSEPH MARX Orchestral Works 1
Bochum Symphony Orchestra conducted by Steven Sloane.
Naxos 8.573831

Nature Trilogy - Symphonic Night Music, Idyll and Spring Music.

Once a famous and influential Austrian composer who died in 1964, you may be forgiven for never having heard of him as he was largely forgotten until recent times. He stood out against atonal modernism, however, and was feared as a critic by those who chose to dispense with tuneful melody so it is hardly surprising these three luscious works are full of inspirational tone colours reminiscent of Debussy and Ravel.

One can also factor-in Vaughan Williams, Holst and even Ferde Grofe at times! If you like broad sweeps of large orchestral sound then this CD will prove extremely pleasant on your ears.

2018 Peter Worsley

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