Yesterday’s Music C171

This final CD from This England and Evergreen magazines is light music at its best. A mix of rare and jolly tunes and songs it brings down the curtain on almost 300 CDs released over 30 years. There were more in the pipeline, all featuring music never before heard on CD and in some cases unheard for 80 years but, sadly, all good things come to an end and the demise of the Cheltenham operation was also the demise of the music operation (see separate article). Just for the record (excuse the pun) here is the track listing:

5.15 (Henry Hall); Syncopated Clock (Leroy Anderson); One O’Clock Jump (Benny Goodman); Clockwork Clown (Edward White); Clockwork Clown (J.T. Heywood); Five O’Clock Whistle (Glenn Miller); Five O’Clock Tea in the Doll’s House (W. Rosen); Three O’Clock in the Morning (Paul Whiteman); Rhythm of the Clock (Peter Kane); The Old Clockmaker (Charles Williams); The Old Clockmaker (modern Strauss film music); The Dancing Clock (Montague Ewing); Let’s Stop the Clock (Geraldo); Cuckoo in the Clock (Debroy Somers); 11.30 Saturday Night (Sam Brown with Ambrose); In a Clock Store (Charles Orth); The Musical Clock of Madame Pompadour (Harry Davidson); When the Clock Strikes (Gibbish); Fairy on the Clock (Debroy Somers); Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley); Little Dutch Clock (Debroy Somers); The Clockwork Bear (C.H. Campbell); Tick O'the Clock (Harry Davidson); My Grandfather’s Clock (Harold Williams); The Clock on the Wall (Maple Leaf Four); The Clock and the Dresden Figures (Ketelbey); Big Ben is Saying Goodnight (Sam Browne with Ambrose).

Peter Worsley 2018

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