British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
Afternoon of Music - May 14th 2022

A very warm and sunny Saturday saw the first musical gathering of 2022 at the Museum. Although the numbers were [rather disappointingly] lower than customary, those attending were treated to enjoyable presentations by Brian Reynolds [on orchestras which used to appear on BBC radio], Alex Gleason, [who played a selection of his favourite musical compositions written for films], Chris Money [on the American composer Leroy Anderson] and Tony Clayden [on the English composer and arranger George Melachrino]. Tony also organised and introduced the programme.

Visitors were able to view [at a distance] the progress of the site improvements – including the new cabin and groundworks – which were nearing completion in time for the forthcoming Garden Party at the beginning of June.

Brian Reynolds – whose grandfather and then father ran a very successful Radio and Television business in Bromley for many years – was delighted to see that the shop's signboard, which had languished for many years in Brian's garage, has now been awarded pride-of-place on the front of the TV room.

As always, a light lunch was provided by Eileen Laffey and the whole afternoon was 'overseen' by John Thompson.

Further music events at the Museum are scheduled for:
Saturday 27th August and Saturday 15th October 2022 both at 1pm

Tony Clayden 2022

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