Winning Numbers

March 2020

316 Mr. Jackson
24 Mr. Wilkinson
331 Mrs. Lang
442 Mrs Biggart

February 2020

274 Mr. Russell
615 Mrs. Walkinshaw
627 Mrs. Holland
15 Carpet Bowls

January 2020

442 Mr Biggart
621 Mrs Pirnie
7 Mr Walsh
566 Mr Morris

December 2019

367 Mrs Molyneux
1276 Mr Hamilton
25 Mrs Ross
57 Mrs Carmichael

November 2019

2 Mrs Walsh
685 Mr Shields
627 Mrs Holland
625 Mrs Braham

October 2019

686 Mr McGilvray
25 Mrs Ross
172 Mr Carson
423 Ms Narraway

September 2019

924 Mrs Hopkin
620 Mr. Mrs. Marshall
2038 Mr. Mrs. Livingston
945 Mrs Hendry

August 2019

520 Mrs Dunbar
929 Mrs McGlone
920 Mr. Mrs Judd
27 Ms Gemmell

July 2019

11 Mr Elliot
685 Mr. Mrs Shields
1187 Mr. Mrs Wright
697 Mrs Marshall

June 2019

17 M Currie
2 T Walsh
25 Mrs Ross
466 Ms Morrison

May 2019

708 Mrs. Garner
50 Ms. Bunn
610 Mr. Mrs. Buchan
6 Mr Verlande

April 2019

423 Ms. Narraway
697 Mrs. Marshall
14 Mr. MacDonald
945 Mrs. Hendry

50/50 Club

Innellan Village Hall, commonly referred to and known locally as The Village Hall, is a registered charity managed by a Board of Trustees elected annually at an annual General Meeting held in March of each year. The Trustees main function is the funding and maintenance of the hall and to this end a monthly lottery known as the 50/50 Club has been set up to help raise funds to supplement the income from other sources. As befits such a building it is a focal point in the village of Innellan and plays host to various organisations from SWRI to Carpet Bowls and Badminton Clubs, Yoga Classes to Masonic Lodge as well as hosting touring theatre groups and other ad hoc events such as coffee mornings and other social occasions.

Given the location of the hall on the Shore Road in Innellan it is well exposed to the elements and maintenance of the external and internal fabric of the building is an ongoing and often costly necessity. In recent years it has been necessary to upgrade and renew the slate roof, install a new kitchen and upgrade and modernise heating and electrical installations to say nothing of internal and external decoration. Currently there is extensive remedial work required to the S/E external walls on the sea side of the building.

The 50/50 Club is a monthly lottery draw which has helped in the funding of these works and the greater number of members the more we can raise to fund these works and the larger the prize fund for members. Membership costs 12 each per year and 50% of the income is paid out in prize money each month; the remaining 50% is allocated directly to hall maintenance funds. For convenience we encourage those wishing to take part to buy an annual membership, commencing 1st April each year, for 12 which includes an additional Christmas Draw in December each year. Cheques (payable to Innellan Public Hall 50/50 Club) or cash payments are accepted but for convenience and ease of collection of subscriptions we ask that those who wish to take part in the lottery agree to make payment by Bank Standing Order so that the total annual subscription of 12 is paid once in April of each year. This can of course be terminated at any time by the individual member. Anyone wishing to join the lottery after the 1st April of each year is asked to pay by cash or cheque for the balance of the year until the Standing Order comes into force on the following 1st April. There is no limit to the number of memberships any individual person may purchase and anyone purchasing 100 tickets will be able to do so at a discounted rate of 100 (a saving of 20).

Winning numbers in the monthly draw (normally made at the Village Hall/Shop) will be published on this website during each month.

We do hope that you will agree to join our 50/50 Club. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated and help considerably towards the continuing maintenance and upkeep of this worthwhile community facility. Please contact the Club Administrator, Margaret Lauder at with your full name, address, telephone number and e–mail address you wish to use and she will be pleased to send you a bank Standing Order Mandate for completion and return to her. On receipt of your completed bank Standing Order Mandate and any balance due for the current year she will confirm your lottery number to you and that your Standing Order Mandate has been forwarded to the bank.

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